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Adidas Deerupt

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Disruptively simple.

With Deerupt, a silhouette becomes the unexpected.
Comfort becomes the unprecedented. Fit becomes an experience.

Disruptive through the simplicity of the grid.
Ever progressive. Never defined.
A contemporary interpretation of heritage, translated into a radically new look.

The inspiration.
Think cities. Think buildings. Typefaces, patterns, fabric, schematics — honeycombs, nautilus shells, farmland, façades, tables, chairs, and more.

Everything is built on a grid, and when you understand that – anything is possible.

Adidas Deerupt The Grid

The Story behind the Footwear.
Taking a single idea from the archives - a grid that once gave structure to the sole of our 80's sneakers – 
Deerupt stretches the concept of the grid to the entire shoe.
Adidas Deerupt The Grid



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